Hello everyone,

My name is Andy Fenster and I’m attending this conference as a member of the seven part team formed by the UB Department of Theatre and Dance.  My research focus on this trip is to look at the newest and most advanced lighting technologies and lighting design concepts.  I plan on looking into new fixtures such as LED and intelligent lighting as well as the new forms of lighting control and communication E-Net and EDMX.  I have worked with and seen some of these technologies used in major touring shows, and hope to find an affordable way to implement them into our theatre spaces at the University at Buffalo. 

We left Buffalo this morning around eleven and seven hours later found ourselves in downtown Cincinnati surrounded by other theatre technicians and designers.  With the exception of Collin, the conference does not start for us until tomorrow morning so we have spent the night reading schedules and preparing for the sessions we will be attending.  I have also looked into the booths that will be present at the stage expo and found the ones that showcase new lighting technologies.  Tomorrow I will be attending a tour of the Cincinnati playhouse, which will offer a great perspective of how professional theatres operate.  I will be back to post tomorrow on the first day of sessions.

Until then,