Today is a very exciting day learning the keyword, metamerism, and the back-story of how the lighting and projection effect created by the lighting team from China in the Olympic Games in China. From what I have learn from the session using and mixing, diachronic, and LED even thought we are using same gel or diachronic we will not get the same color with different instrument. Metamerism is the matching of apparent color of objection with different spectral power distribution. The perfect example is under the same environment and same color object, people see that color differently in the eye. Also when two objects put together human eye would try to distinguish and enlarge the difference between them. The research that Adelson did at MIT with an image really proves that how our eyes try to skew the same intensity of gray and recognized these two separate sections in the image is different.

During the opening ceremony of Olympic Games in China last summer August 8, I was watching that on TV when I was in my home town Macau (China). At that moment I was amazed by the idea of how the creative team put together and highlight the 5000 years of historical culture to the whole world. The design team achieved that by the integration of different light source, such as traditional lighting instrument, video, and projection, performance and sound. The lighting technical side of this event is not that I have ever imagined of. It is such and ambitions project to accomplished and see how projection starts to get involve in this kind of huge venue of international event.

First of all, how they can light this massive open air “bird-net”. It turns out to be using over 2500 moving light installed in the stadium, also 63 projectors and LED installed on the floor to creates the visual images. Another problem is how to balance between these 3 different light sources luminosity and contrast in the stadium so they are at the same level of light to fulfill the need of acting at site, on visibility of screen and other lighting area. In order to get the same brightness of the projection image in the air as LED, they lower the intensity of the LED to 30% and layer 3 projectors together at the same spot to increase the luminosity…

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