Among other activities, my week has included working meetings, international commission information sessions, and serving as a conduit between UB alumni and our current students.


Today’s Notes


In preparation for the 50th anniversary of the Institute, USITT sections are encouraged to research their individual histories, focusing on


technological developments, connections to events, and benchmarks in the industry.  Section founders should be identified and included in

the timeline.  Why was the Upstate section founded?


The Vari-lite VLX, moving head LED fixture, runs very cool.  Once beyond the prototype stage, the fixture will be able to adjust from approx. 20-60 degrees. 

The color mixing systems additively combines red, green, blue and white wavelengths.


Apollo lighting gave us the chance to experiment with various combinations of steel gobos, gobo rotators and dichroic filters to achieve motion lighting effects.  The Apollo “right arm” is a good way to introduce automated lighting programming techniques to the first-time user.



The students identified a number of experts that gave reports on flying systems, lighting consoles and color, and sound systems.  These reports went live to air to the Intro. to Technical Theatre class taught by Tom Burke.

More to come…..