Day 2 in Cincinnati is quite a long day but it is exciting. First section section that I attend at 8:00 a.m is Magic Sheet aren’t magic, presenter share their way of doing magic and how it work in different type of production and how it help to speed up the technical process. Next we went to the keynote address in a very nice hall, the speech by Lynn Meyers, artistic director of the Ensemble Theater of Cincinnati who has an inspiring characteristic and the story of her trying to get thought all of the difficulties was so amazing and people are so committed. Later we went to the Play house, the tour over the back stage really show how passionate these people are.. They create really realistic and detail set since they know the fact that the acting space is only a couple feet away from the audience. Also they manged to work their way in such a compacted space and 8 voms for entrancing and exits.

After a little rest, Chris and me went to the Media server section which started at 6pm. At first I was planning join part of the meida server and go to the translucent drop section which start at 7:30 later, sicne the description of the media server is  “It’s not your Momma’s slide projector! Dealing with projections and media servers in productions.” this doesn’t give enough explanation, and take away the interest from me. However, after the presenter Loren Barton giving out more and more information about what media server is and exapmle of works, also how much you could achieve with it and demonstration of latest software creating all the effects me and many people in that section are amazing by the possibilty. Example of work such as the opening event of Summer Olmpic in Beijing, China 2008, Microsoft Xbox/E3 event projection in 2008, HP connect show and Samson and Delila as backdrop changes. People are so active asking question about it because it is developing so fast in this 2 year and so new that it is still in researhing process in a lot of places. Attendees are wondering  how they can be able to get this happen in the own place with this usering friendly software and breath taking effect. I am looking forward to see more about projection from the booth they have in the Stage Expo tomorrow.