Today I was on the tour for the Cincinnati Playhouse in the park. Please see Jane’s blog for photos! What is amazing about this theater, is their uncanny ability to turn a challenge of the space, the example being the Mark theater having NO wing space, and turn it into an artistic advantage. Their extensive use of lifts in order to move scenery resulted in the creation and design of dozens of lift units, trap doors, and software creation. The software they created to control the lifts was brilliant. It could control up to 8 lifts and up to 24 on/off switches, and all cue based. It’s quite similar to how light cues are set in a board. On top of that, the lift was QUIET!

Tomorrow I plan on hitting the Expo floor early, and hopefully make some discoveries about 3-D CAD drafting. Additionally, the class on plagiarism is not until Saturday morning.