The conference is wrapping up and we’re all sitting in the hotel doing our final blogs from Cincinnatti. The mood is melancholy and reserved as we compile our thoughts on this enthralling week. I look out onto the expansive Cincinnati skyline and my mind revisits the memories from this week; new friends, new technology, and new knowledge.

Today was a slow day; I attended a single session regarding preparing your lighting design previously to drafting. Unfortunately the session was hardly informative, and it simply revisited information that we learn in our own lighting class. I did enjoy one presenter’s commentary though; he was a designer for Disney. They are already planning and researching for their Christmas show in 2012!

After that we went into the lobby and met Dick Block who works for Carnegie-Mellon as a professor of Design. Then we went to our hotel, where we are blogging right now!

Later this evening we will return to the Cincinnati Playhouse to see a production of “The Foreigner.” Jeff, Jane, Andy, Katie and I all toured the Playhouse and got a behind-the-scenes view of this production, so we’re really excited to see the actual show!

I’ve really appreciated this momentous occasion and the tremendous opportunity I had to visit the fantastic city of Cincinnati in the virtuous state of Ohio. It was a good time!