As set designers we use the model as a tool for developing and testing partially formed ideas. It, when well crafted, can be used by the director as a means to clearly understand playable space. The technical director and his or her team may reference the model for color, texture, and size information. The designer, Paul Shortt, supports these assertions. In presenting his body of work, he revealed how the model works as a tool and offered techniques for enhancing the model. He shares my belief that modeling in 3/8”=1’0” scale allows for maximum detail while keeping the maquette a manageable size.

New Lighting Technologies Solve Specific Challenges

The need:

Glowing light effect (Linear)

Battery or AC Operated

Water Resistant


The solution:

EL Wire

The need:

Glowing panels

The solution:

Light Emitting Capacitor (LEC)

Beijing Olympics Lighting Designer – Key Points

Achieve balance in three key elements: actor illumination, keeping projection surfaces visible, and achieving special effects.

Through the use of ESP Vision, focus points were preset. The designer speaks highly of ESP Vision and recommends it.

When using projections/projectors account for weather/temperature, need for lumens, and remember that abstract images are easier to project when using multiple projectors.