For the last time ever form Cincinnati….

Hello all you beautiful people!

Today was a very sad day in Cincinnati as it was the last day of the USITT conference; however a very interesting session this morning sure did start it off right. Katie and I went to the lighting accessory top hats session this morning which proved to be more interesting and useful than we had expected; more on the specifics of this session can be found in Katie’s blog today as we are back to writing our individual blogs.

The next stop in our day was the young designers forum; this is a presentation of design work by third year graduate students. This turned out to be a very valuable experience to me, not so much for the work I saw but rather for seeing what it really means to be a young up and coming designer in this business. The displays were pretty good, some better than others, and the photography quality was not great throughout. However I found the value of going to this forum to be more in how it helped me realize some things about this business. I have been struggling lately with the desire to become either a technician or a designer and the ideas of whether it is worth another three years to go to graduate school. I am not saying that one needs to chose one path and never stray from it, but you do need to chose a field of concentration. I had always thought that I was better suited in this profession to be a technician despite my love for design work. But after having seen the product of what these students accomplished from seven years of design schooling and seriously looking today into the world ahead of them and other young designers I have seriously reconsidered my standing in this field. Though one walk through of a few graduate students’ design work doesn’t completely convince me, the experience was still invaluable as it opened my eyes to what I now feel is the much more appropriate field of study for me, Lighting Design.

Now to finish off our trip to Cincinnati we will be attending a play at the Cincinnati playhouse tonight, the same play we got a backstage tour of earlier this week.