From the stage lighting session by Jennifer Tipton this morning, she showed us the power of lighting coming from different angle, intensity, timing as well as color contrast. I have learned that the power we have as a theater designer. We have all the control over the rhythm, dynamic, color and value to create theatrical scene that catches people’s attention. As we understand these elements more we can be better at building up breath taking moment. In addition, she also talk about passion, our passion about theatre will definitely push us forward to a higher stage to improve ourselves.

In the afternoon, I went to the USITT national student exhibit in Prague dry run for the design exercise. I was in a team with 2 other student one from Virginia and the other from North Carolina. It is very interesting that all three of us are kind of focus on set design, I am willing to try lighting design for this since this is also what I want to do and the girl form Virginia also have an interest in costume we made a good team. We assigned a short story, which title was “Sloth”, after we read it we have a discussion that focus on what it is about and we started finding inspiration images. Although we all have a command ground to start with, but I cannot start drawing the backdrop, sketching the rendering without knowing the about, how it feels and than come up with the solution. I find out that, through these processes I have a better understanding and translation of it.