Well USITT has finally come to an end. I spent the morning packing and going to view many of the young designer’s who had work on display. The Stage Expo Floor was closed because the conference was closing. :(. Then myself and a few other students from UB decided to attend a session about projections. The session covered basic ideas of projection and how they can be used with live dancers. the first part of the session seemed to be a review in VI terminology. Cathy would have been proud. Well at least she could be proud of the UB students because we knew exactly what was going on. It was strange because the session didn’t really cover the technology to be used to create the projections, but it mostly covered the look and result that is achieved through the projections.

Sadly the session was not everything that we had believed it would be. It was geared to students and professionals who had never done projections before. UB, while we may not be the leaders in the use of projections, have created and used them successfully before.

Following the session my fellow USITT goers and myself went to the airport and flew home. This entire trip has been an eye opening experience and helped me to see just how large and important every part of our industry is. I am hoping to return to USITT next year and learn even more about our highly technical world.

So Long, Farewell!