I would like to start off by thanking Chris Van Patten for saying that my design work reminds him of Jennifer Tipton, who was the keynote speaker this morning. She began her college career at Cornell as a dance major. I myself started as a dance major and am now also a design major. Her entire story of her journey was an inspiration for me. Someday I hope to be as successful and in demand as her. So thank you CVP for pointing out how much I was going to love her.

Today, after hearing Jennifer Tipton speak, I spent a few hours on the Stage Expo floor. On the floor there are many different types of lighting instrument companies. I had an in length conversation with a woman who is an architectural lighting designer, who works for ETC, about my CURCA grant. We discussed in depth the different ways to use LED lights to create architectural lighting onstage and conserve energy. She was very helpful in pointing me in the direction for finding different LED white light fixtures that are coming to the market soon. She told me that there are many companies that will be very helpful in suggesting fixtures that can create the same feel as an architectural lighting but within the drama theatre space.

I cannot wait to continue creating this plot. Research and sessions have given me many ideas and concepts in which to apply media, architectural, and theatrical lighting to create a cohesive dance plot for UB. While the plot will contain all of these things I am hoping to channel the creativity and genius of Jennifer Tipton.

See Ya Later Alligator!