Today was a very busy, and tiring day.

It started with our regional USITT meeting. It was quite frustrating and unproductive. Had Lynne not been there, nothing would have gotten done. I believe that it needs some restructuring.

After that meeting (at which we were promised breakfast – but received none) I went and got breakfast.

Then I had down time for several hours, during which I had an awful run in with the bank.

After finishing up on the phone with the bank I hopped on over to my first session of the day, The “False Faces” of W.T. Benda. He was a mask maker and illustrator in the early part of the 20th century. In his time he was very famous, but he never published many well known books, and so his fame didn’t last far beyond his life.

He coined the “Benda Girl” (one of the many “Girls” gracing the cover of Time Magazine – this was during the “pretty girl” era.) These were exotic illustrations of pretty girls. These illustrations translated into many of his masks.

His masks were beautiful, grotesque, and every other word you could imagine. They were all beautifully crafted, weeks of work into each of them, and then the insides of each of the masks were decorated as well.

After this I had my interview for the Shakespeare Theater in New Jersey for this summer. I’m pretty sure I nailed the interview. I felt really good about it. The beginning was a little awkward for me, as it was my first interview ever for a theater position outside of academia,

After that I went to another mask creation technique seminar. There are so many different methods including latex, latex like products, leather techniques, (as mentioned above) paper techniques, mache techniques, and as many ways as you can imagine it, you can do it.

After that I went to a Cirque Du Soleil makeup and costume session where they convinced me to sign an application for an internship for the summer.

After that we went to a new technology forum, but it ended up just being a lot of screaming for t-shirts and so we left early.

And now I’m blogging.

So long kids.