Today we woke up at 7am and headed over to the KCCC (Kansas City Convention Center) and met up with the Upstate NY Regional Section Meeting. There was a wide variety of people and we went through a comical if not completely unnecessary process of handing a board member $5 and having them give it back to us. Lynne Koscielniak and students such as John Blitstein talked to the members and represented the students’ voice. This brought up talk about more employment opportunities in the future.
After some lunch at a local bakery I hopped on a snowboard and flew HIGH above the conference, I was literally 7ft in the air, it was insane! Later I went to ‘Lighting Designers Then And Now’ Seminar. I went alone but I gained valuable information about the politics and business of Lighting Design and also about all of the different types of design you can branch into. These include Theatrical, Architectural, Zoo/ Aquarium Exhibit, Television, Theme Parks, Music/ Rock, Malls, Restaurants, and Movie Lighting Design. This opened my eyes to the vast field I could immerse myself into in the future.
After not being allowed into the ‘Outdoor Scenery Seminar’ because the room was full to the brim so I decided to go to the ‘Queer Nation Seminar’ since it was right down the hall. Everyone was very open and there were nonstop conversations. To end the night we went to the ‘Old and New Products Showcase’ which was basically if you took a little of ‘Late Night with Johnny Carson’ and mixed it with a live auction. There was a lot of cheering and shouting and throwing of prizes. I even caught a jump rope which counts how many jumps you do per minute which has nothing to do with Design Technology or Tech Theatre. Can’t wait for tomorrow!