I’m sorry the following two blogs are up so late, I did not have internet access last night, I apologize.

Today (addendum: April 3rd) was our last day in Kansas City (rather last few hours after waking up).

I only did one thing today, I took one last trip to the Young Designer’s Forum. I went through the beautiful exhibits one more time. This time I really took my time looking through every single exhibit as slowly and as carefully as possible, being that there were a fourth of the people in the tiny room than there were last time.

The work was truly beautiful; from the mask work, to the scene artists, to the costume designers, to the scene designers. There is truly a huge amount of young competition out there for me, and I have a lot to live up to.

After this we began our long journey home, and here I am now. Sitting happily in my bed blogging.

So peace ya’ll update this tomorrow.