Day 2 in Kansas City was Day 1 of the USITT Conference. My goal here in Kansas City is to generate a fact sheet about each of new automation options/ what you need to need to advance them, the best way to distribute power / easy equation that will be used to convert power draws, and to develop a list of common vocabulary that can be used help the production manager interact with the different groups of personal within the theater industry.
Rock n Roll all night, session one of today was a panel run by Jim Moody. His left and right were flanked by Paul Dexter and a female associate of Jeff Ravitz’s. The session was an awesome series of hands on stories directly from the road of the concert industry. There was no sugarcoating going on in this room – these stories were as real as they get. The format of the session covered tips on how to make freelance and roadwork a business ie the differences between 1099 / w2, and tips on the pre-designing the tour. Each slide of the powerpoint came with bullet points. What made the session valuable and exciting were the stories from the road that littered each and every bulletpoint.
The second session of the day was called Automation 101. Here is a sneak preview of the list of terms that will be defined in the automation language dictionary. The first term is feedback is the process in which part of the output of the system returns to input half of the system to indicate location of the moving device along a designated path. The feedback of any device can be either be in absolute or incremental measurement. Absolute encoders measure distance in binary via dark and light lines on a series of concentric circular wheels. Incremental encoders measure the distance via holes. If there is NO Feedback then you are in real trouble.
More updates to come. Check back soon!