So when it comes to managing people is the is no such thing as always making the “right” call and contrary to popular beliefs there are no “Experts” in management as a expert is a person who has made ALL possible combination of mistakes the given discipline. So what all managers strive towards is implementation of the shark theory. The shark theory is continuous improvement within your management skills. Humans are not simple machines so when managing them Inspiration, motivation, effective communication, and the ability to build commitment thru enablement is key. One of the most popular models for creating this environment is called “CREATER”. The idea is to notice, actively listen, and effect change within the following themes: Change and innovation, Reward, recognition, and motivation, Empowerment, Attitudes, Task, Emotional intelligence, and last but not least Relationships. One of the overall styles to keep in mind is that Servant Leadership, where you(as manager) work in the trenches with the other employees in their area of comfort is one of the strongest was to earn their respect. The Cameron Jackson was quoted saying “Some of this will feel foreign to you at first but keep it up and it will become part of your culture.”