My third day at USITT started bleary eyed with a hot chocolate in one hand and a note pad and pen in the other ready to listen to the key note speech from Jenifer Tipton. Before coming to the states I hadn’t heard of her or her work, but since being at UB I have looked into her work and was consequently thrilled to find she was giving a key note at this conference. She started by giving us a break down of her career. It was interesting to know that she wasn’t trained as a lighting designer but was in fact a dancer and fell in love with lights. She then proceeded to give a lighting demonstration highlighting the important light positions within a rig. She went through the lights one at a time giving detailed explanations on the function and importance of each effect. After this she then gave a second demonstration using all the lights together in different ways, for example back light and high side light together which only exposes half of the body on stage. This was interesting and showed dynamic ways of using different systems together. At the end of the session we were left with these words of wisdom “Theatre is a focal point that brings us together before we are tipped over the edge again and chaos ensues once more”.
After this inspiring morning I explored the Stage expo floor once more in search of new interesting and technologies that will help scenographers pre visualise there designs before they get to tech in the theatre. On my adventures I came across a stall by PRG Scenic Technologies who where launching there new software, so new it didn’t even have a name yet, that allowed scenic designers to import there drawings and program automation or watch precise scene changes. This new board and software can be useful both as a permanent fixture and on tour. I am excited to watch the progression of this new tool and am happy to report that I can even do this from my own country as they have several offices throughout the UK.
My third day at USITT was very informative and gave me more information about the industry in which I am hoping to infiltrate in the not too distant future.