Today I witnessed a Dinosaur in combat boots. Possibly the best way to end my day. EVER.

In the morning I spent some time on the Stage Expo Floor speaking with a make-up artist who was working at the Mehron make-up stand. I was hoping to get my face painted, but she had to leave early and continue on to another gig. She had many tips on how to study and get better at the art of make-up application and design.

Later I attended a session called “It’s Just Not Lighting the Stage Anymore – Cross-over and Lighting Designers Then and Now.” A panel made up of esteemed lighting designers from concert, theatrical, architectural, and film lighting discussed their experiences within the industry and how they became focused in their general areas. while many of them are focused on only one area, all of them have done cross-over work. They discussed how while all the areas are completely different, if you let your creativity lead you, you can still be successful in all areas even if you may not think that it is in your repertoire. Over all this session encompassed established lighting designers discussing their road to success with the young designers attending the conference.

Finally I spent some time at the Emerge project on the Stage Expo Floor. This project is being partially headed by Collin Ranney, a former UB undergrad. The session involved an hour of bash design, esceptionally like VI. Cathy Norgren would have been so proud. In teams we read a quote and had to create a bash design and/or concept for the quote. My partner had never been witness to a Cathy Norgren VI class so we had a good discussion about different images and concepts of that we thought the quote was referring to.

Day two was busy, long, and very exciting. So far USITT has been an amazing experience and I cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings because I am very excited to hear Jennifer Tipton speak.

Peace Out Cub Scouts!