I realized, I completely forgot to mention the Expo in the last post. I’ll try to fit that in at the end of this one.

Friday came, and I had no sessions to really attend. I decided to spend my time exploring Charlotte. I set off with my iPod blasting music for the show im designing/teching over the summer-The Wiz-and took in the sites. I wasn’t really paying attention to where I was walking, or where I was heading. I knew roughly what direction the hotel was in in relation to where I was, so I decided I was safe. While walking, I managed to get some inspiration for the show.

 I previously had designed a set that was much more childlike. Without going too far into the details, it was a very large toybox. But while exploring Charlotte, I started developing new ideas. I wanted something that seemed more futuristic, more industrial, but clean feeling; blues, whites, silvers.  Oz is supposed to be the antithesis of Kansas, or wherever Dorothy decides she is from today. Kansas needs to be hot, oppressive, dirty.

Below are a few pieces of inspiration I found while on my journey.

Tree on Trade Street

 -I loved the white blossoms. And I’m currently toying with the idea of a distorted tree painted blue, with silver accents, and white blossoms to be included in the set.

Structure I found outside Mimosa Grill

Different view of structure outside Mimosa Grill

While I was heading back to the hotel, I found this. I fell in love with the look of it almost instantly. I want my set to replicate that (Look, I’m stealin’ ideas. Thanks, Beg, Borrow, Steal). I still have to figure out exact dimensions, but I love the idea of a two level set that would take up much of the stage, with stairs leading down.  It would be very multi-purpose, and since I seem to lack a good crew every year, I won’t need to stress over shifting scenery.