On Thursday, there were two sessions that peaked my interest. The first was one tailored more towards those who serve as the entire design and technical staff for high school productions. I, however, work as the entire design and technical staff for a community theatre company over the summer, and thought, “Maybe this will apply”

The session essentially consisted of various instructors who have served as the entire design and technical staff at one point in their life. Their tricks and pointers were fantastic. They discussed how you need to beg, borrow and steal your ideas. One showed images of a proscenium arch she constructed out of paper. She also discussed the uses of paper, and how she has built entire sets out of paper. They discussed how by adding a piece of plywood, two step ladders can easily turn into a platform, as well how, allegedly, adding all paint colors together will give you a type of beige. I disagree with that, based on my own experience, but I digress.

The second session I attended was all about those who want an arts management degree, but don’t have a program at their school. UB does offer an MFA program for Arts Management, but no Bachelor’s program. I went, toying with the idea of my final goal getting a Masters in Arts Management. I went planning on asking various coursework they recommended. Allegedly, I was already doing fine.

My first 2 years at UB consisted of me pretending I wanted to be a lawyer. So, I took classes pertaining to that. Then I switched to theatre for a multitude of reasons that I do not have the time or energy to get into right now. When I told them about my previous stint as a legal studies major, they said that was perfect. One even mentioned that, with a law and theatre background, id be well on my way to practicing Entertainment Law. Now I just need to figure out if its what I want to do.