Upon arrival to Charlotte NC we checked into our hotel across the street from the convention center and then went straight to the conference to get checked in and to start attending sessions. I was very excited this day because that afternoon was the when my main session was meant to happen.

The session was on the use of wireless dimming and how it worked. I was very excited because this topic is relevant and possibly the only solution to an issue I am having on my university’s production of Sideman. We need to provide a power source to a turn table that only goes one way while still being able to control the power from the board as well as not letting any cables be visible.

The first session I attended ended up being a waste of my time. The session was called “Using Microcontrollers in Production: the little chip that can solve big problems”. It was all about how using microcontrollers can be very helpful and how cheap they are and how you can use them in automation, which is all true. For my purposes of researching wireless dimming it was not very helpful.

In the afternoon I went to the room for my session on wireless dimming and found that it had been postponed until Friday.