A quick lesson on how to clean brushes:

1. Put brush in clean bucket with water, bristles face down. Best way to do this is to have a bucket under running water where you then swirl the brush around, empty the water when it becomes colored. Repeat until water is clean (ish).

2. Stick brush in Murphy’s Oil, much like a dish soap. Make sure it is diluted. You don’t want the soap to be too hard to rinse out.

3. Scrub brush as you would your hair. Get between the bristles and down to the base.

4. Rinse under running water.

5. Get a plastic toothed scrub brush (metal ones damage the bristles), and scrub in one direction from the base of the bristles to the end of the bristles. This is to remover any
Ain’t that is stuck in the base of the bristles. You should do this step under running water.

6. Store your brushes horizontally on a metal mesh shelf. This allows the brush to dry without any leftover paint getting caught on the end of the brush. If any paint was left it will collect on the side of the brush, which is a lot easier to clean than the tip. The metal shelf also gives it a way to breathe.

Today we did a lot of work wit bamboo. Starting out with drawing exercises and then moving on to a large scale replica of a Mucha painting before lunch.
After lunch we used our ,iced paint from yesterday to do some wet blends, graidation and scumbling. Afterwards we learned about proper use and maintenance of sprayers.