Today was the first day we used paint! And boy is rosco worth it, the paint is so thick and the color is so intense. Basically after you thin the paint you really aren’t paying much more for it, because a gallon goes a long way.

The day began with some basic geometry skills, and knowing how to bisect lines and create right angles on the floor.

Then we began to starch our soft good flats we made yesterday. Who knew you could starch a flat for a fraction of the price of primer?! Tomorrow were going to do the final layer of sizing ( a glue mixture ), which will completely seal the fabric

We then learned about the parts of paint, and created the ol’ color wheel. Then came the fun part: color matching.
Now the best trick I learned today was to figure out a recipe for your color using the fewest steps possible. You start with straight paint and then add white or a good color shifter like raw umber. From there you can really figure out only one or two more dabs of color will do the trick. I was able to color match two swatches exactly in less than 2 hours. Can’t wait to paint more tomorrow!