Began our transparency projects!

We are making small drops that alter their appearance when lit from behind. Tis is accomplished through the selective use of opaque paints and dharma dye. By making certain areas less opaque than others you enable the light from behind to go through the fabric easier, you can then apply the dharma dye to the back side of the drop to create a new image that appears in that place.

This can be used for sunsets, windows lighting up when it’s darker, most often a change in time of day, or color.

The biggest advice I can give you is to starch and size the he’ll out of your fabric. On the back side use 3 layers of starch and 2 on the front (since the front is generally where you apply the opaque paint – whatever side you’re applying the dye on you want more sealant)

My project is one with the pyramids in which it changes from day to sunset. I’ve been using prevail sprayers to achieve semi translucent skies on the front, and then even coats of color on the back. Another important note is that in areas with transparency you will be able to see your brushstrokes, or any strokes made with your tool. This is why I used sprayers, however your choice of tool can also aide in your image, just make it purposeful.