At the University at Buffalo, the students request design/production assignments. Seeing as I have a background in stage management I decided that it would be a great experience to serve as a production stage manager this semester. But then came the thought, what does that actually entail? Our department already has an equity production stage manager hired by the department who mentors the student stage managers.

After speaking with the production stage manager and the student stage managers I began to make a list of questions that the student stage managers had and responsibilities that the production stage manager had. After creating that list I sat down with the production stage manager and made a syllabus. This meeting resulting in the decision that my main job would be to help the student stage managers on track, especially with their paperwork.

After the meeting I sat down and created a “Stage Manager Master Task Sheet.” I then had a meeting with the stage managers individually and gave them a copy of the task list that I created. They went through the task list, asked questions and I reformatted the task list. Listed below is what the final task list became.

I was told by the stage managers that this was a very helpful list and helped keep them stress-free and ahead of the game. I am showing this with you, fellow stage managers that might be reading this, hopefully this list will help you in your productions or you might even add to your own list.





Make copies of the script and distribute

Read the script….again…again…again

Create Prompt Book


Rehearsal script


Cueing script


Dividers (label)

Contact Sheets


Create Rehearsal and Performance Report Templates

Create Rehearsal and Performance Report E-mail Lists

Have a Meeting with the Director

First Day Business

Rehearsal Edict

Code of Conduct

Late Policy


Rehearsal Schedule

Scene Breakdown

First Day Business Packets

Contact Sheets

Cast List

Director’s Note

Scene Breakdown

Production Schedule

Rehearsal Schedule

Data Sheet


ASM Responsibilities/Checklists

Rehearsal Schedules w/ Director Deadlines (off-book, etc.)

Master Production Calendar (with tech deadlines)

Scene Breakdown

Emergency Contact Info.

Rehearsal Report Template

Performance Report Template

Pre-Cue Sheets (get from Melinda if using post-it method)

Prop Lists/Track Sheets

Costume Plot/Lists


Blocking Key

Cast List

Sheet

Meet with ASMs

Scheduling and Responsibilities

Call Board

Scene Breakdown

Cast List

Sheet

Production Calendar

Rehearsal Calendar

Tape floor



First Day Business

Set up Rehearsal Space

Get Rehearsal Props and Organize Prop Cabinet

Keep Rehearsal Time – Keep on Track

Keep Track of Breaks

Keep Track of Actor Absences/Lates

Keep Notes for Production Meetings/Rehearsal Reports

Send out Rehearsal Reports

Prop Tracking

Time Run

Help Schedule Fittings

Breakdown Rehearsal Space



God Mic

Determine Calling Area


Run Sheets

Updated Costume Plot

Preset Checklists

Tech/Performance Sign-In Sheets

ASM Checklists

SM Checklists

Preliminary Cue Sheets

Paper Tech (if need be)

Meet with Crew

Call Times

Dress Code

Late Policy




HM Notes

Late Seating

Total Run Time

Per Act Run Time

Intermission Time




Loud Sound Effects

Introduce Crew to Actors

Talk to Actors about Go/Hold

Remain calm and remember to breath!



Performance Reports

Sheets




Strike List (if needed)

Final Space Walk Through

Archive Prompt Book