For the recently finished Project MIST weekend, I was tasked with handling the budget. I’ve been working on that budget honestly since June, and its still not even finished. On my computer, there are various versions of it, each labeled “Final,” which is actually hysterical (or I have a twisted sense of humor, not ruling that one out). What all these budget revisions of taught me, is that you can love an idea, but don’t marry it (which, surprise surprise, can carry over into design).

When dealing with budgets, just like designing some aspect of a show, there are certain parameters that must be adhered to. For budgets, it is your available funds and what those specific funds can go towards. When designing a show, those parameters are the text. You can’t do Waiting for Godot without some form of a tree; they talk about the tree several times.

With that said, you can create a budget or design that you absolutely love and that fits the given parameters. The fun begins when a visiting artist, price of an item on Amazon, or director decides to change something and it affects your budget or design. You need to know your budget like the text of a play; know it inside and out. When a director or someone else surprises you with a change, you need to be flexible and accomodate said change and make sure that it fits the given parameters. Love the budget or design that you create, but don’t marry it. Odds are, its going to change, and divorce is always messy.