Earlier this month, I attended a panel/discussion titled “Histrionics for Cultural Preservation” which included various topics, including an overview of Project Mist, which is what this entry is going to address.

The idea that appeals to me regarding Project Mist, is through showing history from all points of view; in portraying the past without “rose colored glasses”.  Showing the history of Niagara Falls will make it more of an experience than the Falls already represent.  This is done through the design and technical elements to be added.

From a design point of view, the idea of portraying this history through new lighting and projection elements, and creating a 360 degree theatre is fascinating, especially with the design and technical possibilities that present themselves.  Lighting and projection are able to crate both an illusion and a clearer view of reality.  Currently, the lights that color Niagara Falls are able to change the basic color, but not much else.  Designing a view of the Falls could not only depict a historical event that hundreds of people could experience, but also expand on how visitors view the water cascading over the Falls through a realistic viewpoint.

Changes to the falls displayed, then removed to show the reality; bring a sense of experience and immersion into a world different than the one we’re walking (as theatre and the arts try to do).  The idea of lighting not just as color spots to illuminate the Falls, but additional lighting to display the various aspects of the falls.  Think of the possibilities!  How much more can we see; how much more can our consciousness be awakened?  To help us see beyond the world we’ve constructed/construed for ourselves, and into a new experience that can bring about new ideas.

How much more majestic and fascinating will the falls become, when we can see the water in various lighting and situations, and how many more ways will we be able to view the falls.  Even staying with the obvious, and looking at the water itself.