When people ask me what my major is and I reply “I’m a BFA Design and Tech Theatre major” and tell them what I do, I always get one of two reactions.  They are either truly intrigued and want to know more about my major and why I chose it or think im wasting tens of thousands of dollars and years of my life.  When I first decided that this was the path that I had wanted to take, my parents were supportive but only just.  One of the first things my father had asked was “Is that a real major?”  As time passed, they realized just how much time I spent in the theatre in high school and the massive amounts of work I did not just the week before the show but the months leading up to opening night. Now they understand that yes it is areal major, and yes sometimes I have more work that premed students!


However, as the first semester comes to a close, I am more and more confident every day that i made the right decision and I look forward to being the lead designer (as opposed to assistant designer) on my first show here at UB