This semester was a change of pace from previous semesters and costuming work that I’ve done.  Instead of costuming the production of a play, I am costuming a dance production with ten individual dance pieces.

With there being ten unique and individual pieces within this show, (and with one of these pieces being a repeated performance with previously designed costumes) my main objective was to create a unified complete performance through the costumes.  Through discussions with the nine choreographers, I decided the unifying element would be the color palette and the concept of layers, with each of the costumes being layered in some aspect; either through color blocking, paint, or physical costume layers being included.  Through this connection, all pieces keep their individuality, but are unified as a whole production.


The below pictures are examples of the final costumes for the Emerging Choreographer’s Showcase.  All pictures are taken by myself (Rachel Maggs).