In class we had a conversation about portfolios with Cathy. I don’t come from a design background and I’m used to just adding onto my resume from my acting experience. Normally a headshot and resume are enough. But after this, especially with me trying to move myself into the shoes of a director, I’ve realized I need to take a more photo friendly approach to projects I’m working on. I’ve directed two short one act pieces here at UB and the only thing I have to offer up as proof of that is my actors word that these pieces really happened (haha at my life), and maybe a saved program and poster from the first one act I wrote and directed in Directing 1 class with Professor Kaz. As we move forward in design sem, I’m becoming more aware that I need to be saving just about everything that I create or that I share with the design team for Urinetown–so I have something to present as my final portfolio at the end of the semester. I will definitely be portfolio ready be the end of this class, especially after seeing how amazing some of our classmates’ portfolios turned out.