For the two Drama Theatre musicals next year I have been given the Make-Up Design position for both. Fortunately, this is a position that gives me the great advantage of working alongside the Costume Designer for each show. Since Rocky Horror Show is already scheduling production meetings, I’d like to discuss my efforts for collaborating and what that means as a designer.

First off, being a designer for a musical means being creative, and working well with other people’s ideas. Putting on a production, musical or not, is a collaborative effort. But, working as a Make-Up Designer, I have to work side by side with Costumes. If I choose make up that doesn’t suit the costume, then I have to start all over.

When working on a show it is crucial to be passionate about your work. Love your work. If you are submitting ideas that you don’t feel strongly about, you may be affecting another designer’s work and process. I must also remember to speak up if I want something in a design. The point of collaborating is being able to openly discuss opinions and ideas, while respecting those around you.

For Rocky Horror Show, Sarah and I have discussed in detail what we would like to convey in the show. We have agreed on time periods, inspiration images, and research; making sure that we are a team on this show. We have both discussed finding inspirations in David Bowie and Elton John, and discussed the importance of what the time period means to the text.

Our first design concept meeting is tomorrow, so many designs I have imagined may change by then; but making those first steps in creation is crucial to the design process.

All of the designers for Rocky Horror Show may have a long way to go from here, but judging by Sarah and mine’s commitment to helping one another; this show will have a strong collaborative effort done by all designers, assistants, technicians, and faculty.


Thanks guys!