As a new comer to the design world for theatre, I feel that I’ve learned as much as I could have throughout this semester of design seminar. When I arrived to the first class of the semester all I could think was, ‘What have I got myself into?’. It wasn’t until a few nights ago when I realized that not only have I learned how to paint a hell of a lot better, but I’ve also learned how to reupholster furniture, how to make plenty of props, how to alter images in photo shop, along with a number of other things. I found much of the process for working on Urinetown to be negative in the beginning, but by the end I realized how much I truly enjoyed working with the designers and other members of the Urinetown team. ‘No pain, no gain’ is what I should have gone into the process with, but it wasn’t. As a person who does most of pushing himself, I have trouble having others push me further. Without Dyan and Max I don’t think I would have had as positive of an experience. I can’t believe how much work really goes into these shows.

I guess my main message is thank you to everyone I had a chance to work with, and congratulations on a successful semester!