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So it begins…

Welcome to (td)squared’s first blog, “(td)squared goes to Cincinnati”!

Cincinnati is the home of this year’s USITT Conference and Stage Expo. With a group of Tech/Design students from UB heading down to the trip as part of a research project, a blog seemed like a great way for us to share what we learn as we learn it.

This will be a group blog, with seven or eight authors posting throughout the course of the next week. We’ll be posting nightly updates, composed of pictures, video, and text, describing the sessions we attended and the vendors we met.

Can’t make it to USITT this year? Tell us in the comments what you want to see! At the show? Tell us what we’re missing! Either way, send us feedback and let us know how we do. This is a collaborative process and we want to make sure that our research is as open and public as possible, in the spirit of live theatre and the research university that is sending us to the conference!

Thanks so much for tuning in and we hope you enjoy our coverage!

– The (td)squared Team

Hello world!

Welcome to (td)squared, a website project by the Technology and Design students in the University at Buffalo’s Department of Theatre and Dance. (td)squared will serve as a repository of information, hosting image galleries of student projects, blogs about our trips, unique research, and other information relevant to UB Tech/Design students. We will also be developing (td)squared as a communications tool, allowing UB tech/design students of past and present to easily connect and share knowledge.

Thanks for joining us on this exciting new venture, the first of its kind at the University at Buffalo. We hope you subscribe to our content and stay tuned to future developments!