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Aging metal through paint

So for Road to Glory the majority of the props needed to look worn and aged.  Through trial and error I found that for metals you need to first apply a base coat, I used spray paint, to the metal so the actual coat of paint won’t chip off.  Next, you use sponges and a variety a watered down version of the colors you need to give the metal the proper texture and look.  Finally you apply a clear layer to add protection to your paint and that is how you age metal through paint.

From plastic to porcelain through paint

For Road to Glory the setting was 1930 Mexico, from in a town to a small village in the forest.  For this show the challenge for props was making sure all of the props weren’t brand new, while keeping in line with the rest of the designers’ choices.  Nothing could have the look of cleanliness or be sheik, yet it all had to be functional.  The challenge was met with a variety of painting techniques, from sponging to brushes and spray paint.  A completely plastic baby doll transformed into a porcelain doll that a little girl made an outfit for.  This was done by initially spray painting the doll so the other types of paint would be able to adhere correctly to the doll.  Then multiple layers of paint were applied to give a nice even surface.  Afterwards, the face got painted onto the doll, and the clothes sewn directly onto the figure.  When the clothing was on, a mustache turned into the dolls hair by clever placement and hot glue.  Finally a poncho with frayed edges was added to complete the desired look.