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Projection in Theatre

For the UB production of Urinetown: The Musical, I was placed in charge of working on projection for the Mr. Cladwell number. There were many things I learned about video as well as projection and live video effects. For the video sequence, I used a standard Sony DV camera with the video processing section of Qlab.  With Qlab we were able to take the video image and create two seperate “windows” of video on one screen. We also had to look at the type of projector and all of the attributes of the projector as well.  We eventually settled on a 10k lumen theatrical projector.

Design and Tech Major: The Outsider Reaction

When people ask me what my major is and I reply “I’m a BFA Design and Tech Theatre major” and tell them what I do, I always get one of two reactions.  They are either truly intrigued and want to know more about my major and why I chose it or think im wasting tens of thousands of dollars and years of my life.  When I first decided that this was the path that I had wanted to take, my parents were supportive but only just.  One of the first things my father had asked was “Is that a real major?”  As time passed, they realized just how much time I spent in the theatre in high school and the massive amounts of work I did not just the week before the show but the months leading up to opening night. Now they understand that yes it is areal major, and yes sometimes I have more work that premed students!


However, as the first semester comes to a close, I am more and more confident every day that i made the right decision and I look forward to being the lead designer (as opposed to assistant designer) on my first show here at UB