The VLX Wash luminaire intelligent fixture, created by Vari*lite, has made significant strides from last year’s unveiling at the USITT expo.
LED’s now have taken lighting instruments by storm. Almost every company involved in theatrical and architectural lighting has a corner in this expanding market. However, Vari*lite has been ahead of the curve with their VLX wash, which offers a full RGBW LED color mix system. It offers a CRI adjustment and a continuously adjustable color temperature white range approximately between 3000 and 9000 degrees Kelvin.
The new addition to this product is the addition of the Removable Zoom module. When attached, the zoom module allows the beam spread of this instrument to be remotely adjusted anywhere from 23 degrees to 58 degrees. If removed, it offers a fixed spread of 22 degrees, and provides mounting surfaces for aftermarket products such as top hats.
LED’s potential is being realized in this market and others. Imagine a bulb that can be easily be replaced, has over 10,000 hours of life, and is 3 times more efficient than a traditional tungsten bulb. It is these characteristics that truly demonstrate the next generation of lighting instruments.
Today I’ve also photographed many fixtures and control devices on the expo floor. However, I used a film camera, so it will be a bit before I get them developed and posted.