This past week I was in Long Beach, California attending the USITT National conference. This conference is for any one in the world of theater design and technology, and entertainment.

While at this conference I attended a lot of different sessions along with the trade show floor. Some of the sessions I attended where on the Prague Quadrennial, color, Disney, specific designers, and digital portfolios.  While theses are just some of the sessions I attended there where many more ranging for cruises, to architectural design and everything in between.

While in the session about Disney I was able to learn that Disney uses the same technologies, and process of design as I do. I found this very interesting because I always thought that they did stuff differently, but this is not true. The only main difference between the ways I do things and the way Disney does thing is that Disney has a lot more zeros on the checks they write. What I did also find out is that in creating Disney’s new attraction World of Color in California the lighting designer used a program called ESP Vision, which I have started to learn. So because of this I fell like I am on the right track to perfecting my craft and maybe working for Disney some day.