Hello (td)squared fans!

It’s nearing the weekend here in Cincinnatti, and events are starting to slow down. We’ve had a ton of fun in sessions, events, and more.

Today my focus was on organizing the live broadcast stream to our Theatre 106 class back in Buffalo.

We spent lunch with folks from Vectorworks and assorted other people at the Vectorworks sponsored “Tweetup”, an lunch meetup for folks who use Twitter. As (td)squared uses Twitter (we are twitter.com/tdsquared) we fit right in. At the event, we wrote up our agenda for the live streaming show and talked about how we wanted to approach the stream. After we had written our agenda and done a test with home base, we headed over to the conference floor to begin final preparations.

We met up with our group and made sure our vendors were on board; we had spent much of the morning talking to folks from P&B, ETC, Altman, Le Maitre, and Flying by Foy so we could integrate their products and demos into our show. Once we knew everything was in place, we began the show!

I can’t say it was very smooth; we had several tech problems with video and audio connections dropping due to a very shaky connection, but I still want to thank the magazine Stage Directions and their awesome editor Jacob Coakley – he helped make sure we even had some sort of connection, and that was greatly appreciated.

In the future we want to research using a type of cellular connection that will allow us to avoid WiFi entirely and connect to a cellular network instead. This will enable better quality and faster connections for future events such as our USITT Regional Meeting that we will host, or for Prague Quadrennial.

That was the main highlight of the day today, and I’m looking forward to our last full day in Cincinnatti on Saturday!