Hello (td)squarians. Today I’m here with not a lot to say, but a video that you definitely want to watch.

The American Theatre Wing, a.k.a. the folks who created the Tony Awards, have produced a long time video series called “Working in the Theatre,” and it’s a must-see for anyone who wants to, well, work in the theatre. They have the best directors, actors, and designers on discussing what they do, and it’s a fantastic way to get insight into how professional, successful artists think.

Oh, and the best part? It’s all free on their website.

The video I want to share with you today is called Crafting Worlds: Theatrical Design,” and it features four of today’s leading Broadway designers (in the four primary design disciplines) discussing the state of design, how designers shape a production, etc.

American Theatre Wing - Working in the Theatre - Crafting Worlds_ Theatrical Design - March, 2009

The designers featured are Scenic Designer David Gallo, Sound Designer John Gromada, Costume Designer Susan Hilferty and Lighting Designer Peter Kaczorowski.

The video is an hour long but it’s worth it to hear from the top folks in our world. Check it out, and be sure to subscribe to the series and browse around their website for more!