For the past few days we have been working on our “you want me to paint WHAT?! on THAT?!”
Basically each student got an unusual fabric to work with and had to paint a given image on that fabric.

My project wS on a shower curtain, and I painted a translucent stained-glass window of an ogre.

Useful tips, when painting on a surface that the binder in the paint does not want to stick to, put a coat of crysal-gel, from rosco. Originally my paint would just chip off but after a few experiments I was able to find this solution. I also worked with Dharma dye,which is water soluble and translucent!

Some other tips that came from this project include:
Mask everything you don’t want sprayed, even if it’s 5 ft away, over spray will find a way.
When working with satin methicyl works as a great binder to maintain the shiny quality of the satin and allow paint to stick to the surface.
When cartooning on an unknown surface use string lines, so you don’t have to worry about the cartoon lines being unable to erase.
When working on scrim use a scrim pick to ensure that the scrim does not stick to the surface – things DO stick to bogus paper.